“ShearImpeks” Tetovo successfully completed these projects:

  • Object : Highway Tetovo-Skopje
  • Object : Roundabout way Skopje
  • Object : Associated road Veles-Stip
  • Object : Associated – Gradsko
  • Object : Third line-Prilep
  • Object : Highway Stobi – Negotino
  • Object : Highway Smokvica – Gevgelija
  • Object : Access road Veternici – Bogdanci
  • Object : Access road Hidrosistemot – Zletovica
  • Object : Regional road Radovis – Konce
  • Object : Regional road Makedonski Brod – Jasen –Skopje
  • Object : Access road Brana St. Petka
  • Object : Regional road Brana – Kozjak
  • Object : Regional road Dracevo – Batinci
  • Object : Highway Kumanovo – Blace
  • Object : Replacement of the damaged elastic fences Ohrid – Izvor – Kicevo
  • Object : Brana – Kruna – Leunovo – Mavrovo
  • Object: regional road Veles-Kadrifakovo 2nd phase (Subcontractor for Strabag)
  • Object: Highway Veles-Katlanovo recontruction (Subcontractor for Strabag)
  • Object: regional road Mavrovi Hanovi –Ski center (Subcontractor for D.G Beton)
  • Object: regional road Mavrovi Hanovi- Gostivar road-Kicevo (Subcontractor for Progres- Gostivar)
  • Object: regional road Rostushe-Bitushe (Subcontractor for D.G Pelagonia – Gostivar)
  • Object: Access road for Zirovnica (Subcontractor for Ilinden-Struga)
  • Object: Highway Bitola- Resen road (Subcontractor for D.G Beton)
  • Object: Klucka Prdejci (Subcontractor for Mavrovoinzinerig)
  • Object: Local road Zilce-Prelubishte Minicipality of Jugfonovce (Subcontractor for Bag-Kop)
  • Object: Local road s. Manastir Municipality of Prilep (Subcontractor for D.G Beton)
  • Object: Highway Stip-Strumica (Subcontractor for Mavrovoinzinerig)
  • Object: regional road Kicevo-Bitola (Complete replacement of elastic fences Subcontractor for Granit)
  • Object: Reconstruction of roundabout way Skopje (Subcontractor for Transmed)
  • Object: regional road Gostivar – Mavrovo (Subcontractor for Progres 98- Gostivar)
  • Object: regional road Makedonski Brod- Zdunje (Subcontractor for Progres 98 – Gostivar)
  • Object: regional road Mavrovo- Boshkov Bridge Debar (Subcontractor for Eskavatori)
  • Object: Skopje-Center Skederbeg (Subcontractor for Bauer)
  • Object: Highway Miladinovci – Kumanovo- Miladinovci (Subcontractor for Strabag)

And many other smaller municipality objects in Macedonia.

Quite successfully we are represented in Kosovo where the bigger object is the Highway Area of Kosovo- Airport complete with bridges, roundabout, also a lot of other objects with regional character.

In Albania we also have completed some bridges in Region of Tirana and road direction to Skadar.